In order to strengthen their efforts to realize goals and maximize effects, the foundation has partnered with other entities:

The Obu-Manuvu Unified Ancestral Domain Tribal Council of Elders, Inc.UBO - MANUVU LOGO

  • The Tribal Council is a local Indigenous Peoples Organization (IPO) created to undertake the resources rehabilitation, conservation, protection and sustainable use to maintain the ecological balance in its Ancestral Domain (AD).
  • In accordance with Sections 19 R.A. and 5.7 of the 8371 IPRA Law of 1997, the Obu-Manuvu AD was awardeda CADT No. R11-DAV-1108-091, which consists of portions of Brgy. Carmen which includes the area of Talomo, Malalan, Leong, Panigan, Bao, Dipalla, Gaway,Ussom and Tambobong which includes Kalatong and Kabinuangan all of Baguio District. The total AD area comprises of approximately 35,000 HAs. Various Indigenous Obu-Manuvu Cultural Communities (ICCs) inhabit the AD.
  • It has been agreed with the Obu-Manuvu Tribal Council that the EGIP Foundation will provide long term support to the ICC in Macatabo (Purok 1) of Barangay Carmen to protect and conserve their AD area.The AD area entitled to the Carmen ICC covers around 3400 HAs.

Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF)


PEF Logo

The Philippine Eagle Foundation, a not-for-profit conservation organization based in Davao CIty facilitates the forest protection component of EGIP’s biodiversity conservation project with the Obu Manuvu of Carmen. Specifically, PEF assists the Indigenous forest guards with monitoring and patrolling their ancestral forests by (i) coming up with a species and habitat monitoring system that integrates scientific methods with the Indigenous ecological knowledge of the Obu Manuvus, (ii) providing awareness and training sessions on contemporary forest monitoring and forest and wildlife law enforcement, and (iii) facilitating Indigenous forest guard access to accident assurances and providing them with field equipment and other monitoring gears. In 2011, PEF also assisted the Obu Manuvus of Carmen with their Community Development Plan, which formed the basis of EGIP’s support.

  • Philippine Eagle Foundation
    Philippine Eagle Center, Malagos, Baguio District, Davao City
    Contact No. (082) 271-2337


People Collaborating for Environmental & Economic Management (PCEEM)



  • # 5 J. Saavedra St., Brgy Toril Poblacion, Davao City
    Mobile Nos.09205079542 ; 09999915614